Cultural centre Rottweil

Exciting cultural events keep this historic town up to date.


The range of art and cultural events in Rottweil is remarkable. In May every year international renowned musicians play at the jazz festival. In August the “Ferienzauber” festival provides pop music, parties, cabaret and the atmosphere of summer beer garden. The classic music festival “Sommersprossen” in June presents high-calibre classical and contemporary music with international artists. Throughout the year theatres, Erich Hauser art foundation, “Forum Kunst” (Forum art gallery) and many other attractions add to the town´s rich cultural scene. Rottweil´s museums bring the past to live and the doll museum awakens childhood memories.

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Erich Hauser - Im Park
sculpture from Erich Hauser


Sommersprossen Rottweil - 2005
Sommersprossen festival



"Kulturland Baden-Württemberg"