The Carnival of Rottweil

The Carnival of Rottweil (Die Rottweiler Fasnet)                                    
The Rottweiler Fasnet is one of the oldest and most traditional Fasnet of the swabian-alemannic Fasnet. With its historical cityscape of times of the imperial city, Rottweil offers the Fasnet a special atmosphere.
The climax of each year in Rottweil and the most important festival for each inhabitant is the Fasnet, a significant part of the town history.

The history of Fasnet in Rottweil

Historische Narrentafel

Fasnet first appears in documents of the 15th century. Three main elements are mentioned: the “Narrentanz” which continues with the “Narrensprung”, the speech of the carnival character and the fetching of gingerbread in the monastry of Rottenmünster nearby. This custom stopped around 1800.

There were efforts to abolish Fasnet regularly, but only in 1838 the authorities managed to replace “Schmotzige Donnerstag” (first day of Fasnet) with a market day.                                                                                                               Since 1860 Carnival (a different way to celebrate Fasnet, from the area around Cologne) became more and more fashionable. With the new foundation of the “Narrenzunft” (carnival´s guild) in 1903 the Fasnet gained its old glory again. In 1754 there were only 119 “Narren”(carnival characters). Old traditions have not been commercialized.

The progress of the carnival of Rottweil

Narrensprung 2004               
Narrensprung 2004

 Schantle auf Hochbrücke

In Rottweil Fasnet starts at the sixth of January, Epiphany. The "Abstauber"  (dusters) go through town and clean the dust from the “Narrenkleider” (the clothes), the bells and masks in order to be prepared for Fasnet.

The next date is the “Schmotzige Donnerstag” before the other main days. In the evening groups visit pubs, restaurants and caricature in little plays the happenings of the past.

On Fasnet Sunday the “Narrenregiment” (carnivals guild) takes over the town government and they declare their goals for the following days. After that “Ausscheller” go through the streets to tell the latest news to everybody. In the afternoon the children´s parade takes place.

Monday and Tuesday morning, at exactly 8 o`clock the “Narrensprung” (parade) starts the “most important” holidays. Following the horse riders with the town banner and the town band, the carnival characters stream through the “Schwarzes Tor” (black gate) and move through the main streets to the Friedrichssquare where the parade ends. It lasts up to two and a half hours. The parade is repeated on Tuesday afternoon.

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