The Rottweiler Dog

Rottweiler Welpen

The Rottweiler Dog

…There are different opinions about the origin of the Rottweiler. Considering the fact that the special ability of the Rottweiler was driving herds, which was obviously the primary activity in former times, the founders of the Rottweiler came from the Roman legions. The Romans used molossian type dogs as herder and driving dogs. These dogs protected the people and the herds. The ways of the Roman legions are still known, since the net of the streets of the Roman Empire is very well examined. One of these streets led to the Bodensee in the region where nowadays Rottweil is situated, the town which gave our dog its name.

In the further course of the 19th century the Roman molossian type dogs were cross bred with different types of native herder dogs. During several decades these dogs were selected for vitality, intelligence, endurance and driving ability. This way they became irreplaceable helpers of the animal dealers and butchers. As said before, this dog was mostly found in and around the former Reichsstadt Rottweil, and therefore in the Middle Ages it was called Rottweiler. The reason the dogs in Rottweil were so highly appreciated was probably that they proved themselves many times as herder and driving dogs. In the 19th century Rottweil was an explicit animal trading centre, where from cattle and sheeps were mainly driven to the Breisgau, the Elsass and in the Neckar River Valley. In times where robbers or wolves existed and far regions were unsettled such herd drivings required strong, tenacious, placid and smart dogs. Who called himself a real butcher in or around Rottweil usually had several Rottweilers at a time, because the butchers were those who mainly used to trade in animals….

Hans Jürgen Eberbach
1st president of the ADRK e.V.


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